We exist to resolve pain and restore life.

With a qualified team from a variety of disciplines, Precision Health uniquely offers high-quality client services covering a wide range of areas from overcoming personal challenges to achieving optimal health and wellness.


We are a group of healthcare providers who desire to give our patients the tools and space to heal. The challenge of health is the fact that it is multi-faceted: all of the pieces need to be in place for us to thrive. Our brand of Kinesiology encompasses muscle testing, Traditional Chinese Medicine, nutritional therapies, sensitivity clearing and stress relieving techniques that we believe will help to bring clarity to your unique health challenges. We will continue to learn and refine our practice to help you reach your health goals.



We are Doctors of the nervous system: with our unique combination of techniques we monitor the nervous system for dysfunction in structure, bio-energy systems (meridians), nutrition and stress. 

In essence, we fix muscles. There are 35 factors that can inhibit or weaken a muscle. We seek to remove those factors so that the body can heal itself.